Alberta Eco-Trust Environmental Gathering

Co-founder of ICA, Eriel Deranger was invited to speak on a panel at the 2nd Annual Breaking Through Conference hosted by Alberta EcoTrust. The conference description is as follows: “We are at a unique time in Alberta with new opportunities for meaningful progress on the environment. As we all grapple with important issues like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting watersheds and preserving valuable land and habitat, it is more important than ever to break through barriers and drive change! No one can do it alone. Building on the success of the first Environmental Gathering in 2016, we invite you to be a part of this exciting and strategic opportunity to connect and collaborate with

Resources & Links on Indigenous Rights and Climate Change

Climate Change is an important issues when it comes to the rights of Indigenous peoples globally. Many Indigenous communities are already taking action to develop toolkits and positions with local, national and international governments to assert their inherent, treaty and internationally recognized rights. Declarations and Moratoriums The following is a short list of some of the notable declarations taken by Indigenous communities. If you would like your declaration included here please contact us.​ Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change, Anchorage Declaration, April 2009 Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground Declaration Declaration on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples of El Sal

Indigenous Climate Action National Steering Committee Meeting

Nearly two weeks ago ICA hosted an invitational meeting on January 20-22, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Home of the Metis Nation and Treaty No. 1 Territory. We gathered movement builder's, knowledge holders and land and water protectors to help guide and collaborate with ICA’s future work. This meeting is part of the outcomes defined from last January 2016,Indigenous Climate Action inaugural meeting that brought together 150 Indigenous Leaders from across Turtle Island. At the inaugural meeting there was a highlighted need and interest for the creation of an organization like Indigenous Climate Action to support Indigenous-led dialogue and strategy development on solutions to the climate cris

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