SAVE the DATE: Climate Change Symposium

Indigenous Climate Action is partnering with Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta (T8FNA) Livelihood department to host a Climate Change Symposium and Evening Gala at the River Cree Resort, AB on November 16, 2017. This event will highlight many indigenous speakers/presenters from Treaty 1 through to Treaty 11. The topics of discussion are Climate Change and Treaty Rights with workshops including Climate Change and the role of Women, Renewable Energy, Food Sovereignty, Land Based Learning and many more. The day will wrap up with an evening dinner Gala that will include dynamic keynote speakers, entertainment and a plated dinner. This event is open to Treaty 6, 7, and 8 First Nations including

Aamjiwnaang Water Gathering and Toxic Tour 2017

Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines (ASAP) Coordinator of Aamjiwnaang Water Gathering and Toxic Tour It is our right as Indigenous people to practice traditional ceremony on the land. As an Anishnaabe kwe, I share the responsibility to work in solidarity to protect the water. Our health is deeply rooted in the environment we live and grow in. The impacts of colonization continues to disconnect our relationship with the land and water. The government of Canada and multinational oil companies are responsible for allowing Cancer-causing carcinogenic chemicals into the air we breath in our homes. Average Canadians are ignorant to the impacts of Climate Change b

The right to protest the Doctrine of Discovery: its Signs, Slurs, and influences

The right to protest is a defining characteristic amongst genuine democratic societies and in recent times was further strengthened by a resolution at the UN General Assembly in 1998 through their Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. However, the right to protest as attempts for redress or protecting un-ceded lands, comes at a cost to those who uphold this right; that is in Indigenous communities as those with legitimate grievances are villainized, criminalized and labeled as radicals, unreasonable and if you’re a Mohawk, you must be violent. Canada, Quebec, the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake (sic) (MCK), the Mayor of Oka would have you believe that our recent protests in Kanehsatà:ke are

Support the Tiny House Warriors as they take a stand against Kinder Morgan

Sometimes climate change mitigation doesn't come in the form of solar, wind and alternative energy, or electric grid reform and energy conservation. Sometimes it comes in the form of the protection and preservation of the lands, waterways and cultures of those whose lives, identities, survival and security depend on these very things. Protection and preservation of eco-systems challenges the status quo of high intensity energy projects and business as usual, preserve vital eco-systems and maintains and restores human connection to land. If you want to protect and preserve Mother Earth and you believe in the rights of Indigenous Peoples please support those that stand for the land. From Sep

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