ICA and Standing Rock community member attend New York City Pension Fund public hearing on Climate C

To view the testimony provided by Waniya Locke, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Eriel Deranger, Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action check out the Facebook live feed here: https://www.facebook.com/waniyal/videos/10155640096230831/ New York, NY - Experts and speakers ranging from economists, youth and faith leaders, indigenous rights activists, Superstorm Sandy survivors, and advocates thanked NYC Public Advocate Letitia James for organizing Wednesday’s public hearing on climate action and made their message loud and clear: It is past time for New York City’s pension funds to divest from fossil fuel companies. The NYC Pension Funds have more than $3 billion in oil, gas, and pipeline

Wrap up of the ICA at the UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany!

It’s been about five days since the official closing of the UNFCCC #COP23. I initially wanted to post a closing or wrap up as I was leaving but realizing that everyone and all the major new networks are doing that. I didn’t think that made sense. I think I really wanted to make some time to get home and be home. Centered and thoughtful about this last round-up of #COP23 thoughts. As always these meetings are site of power and privilege, the cost to travel and participate, the accreditation process, the narrow confines of participation itself and so much more. It’s a privilege but also a real challenge to be at #COP23. I say that because, as said before; many of the countries negotiating our

ICA at the 23rd UNFCCC- Bonn, Germany

Hi everyone, Am writing this blog in the break between the final closing plenary. Most likely one of the areas isn’t finished the negotiation process, so we paused for the last presentation of the closing plenary. Anyhow, today was pretty busy even though it’s the last day. I wanted to catch you up to what’s been going on. Since the blog about the on-going’s, it’s been about the UN process of negotiations. I wanted to make sure people understand what happens here. It’s a lot of different meetings. I think down-played this. There are so many meetings. There are two separate screens worth of meetings per day to look through during the day. (One of the UN screens with listings of daily meetings

ICA at the 23rd UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany

(Members of the It Takes Roots delegation and me with the IP Caucus messaging after the IP action in the Bula zone at UNFCCC) Hi all. It’s been really, really busy the last week of #COP23. Over the weekend, Friday and Saturday was spent observing the states negotiate SBSTA 47 Agenda Item 13 on Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples platform. Which also meant that the Indigenous Peoples Caucus was meeting and debating the different proposals for structure. A quick review, as of Friday last week the #IPPlatform was moving very slowly. Countries/States were negotiating three things: Process from now to the implementation of the platform Structure of the platform Purpose and procedures of the

ICA at the 23rd UNFCCC talk in Bonn, Germany

(Outside the main entrance of the Bonn Centre) Good lunchtime I think? The time difference is about 7 hours from Bonn to Central time aka Regina or Winnipeg time zone. So, I have one very short update for you. Its more about the UNFCCC itself. For this meeting, we are being hosted by Fiji but physically in Bonn, Germany. It was important for #COP23 to be hosted by a small island state. Since we know small island states will be drowned if we cannot meet 1.5degree threshold. In other words, we can’t let the planet warm past 1.5 degrees Celsius as this would flood small island states leaving their people climate refugees, their homelands, ancestral lands gone forever. So, if you see the signs a

Indigenous Climate Action has grown - Welcome our new staff!

We would like to introduce to you some new faces that are now a part of Indigenous Climate Action. It is with great pleasure we introduce you to... Maryel Sparks-Cardinal - Communications Coordinator Maryel is Cree-Metis whose family is from Lac La Biche Alberta. Maryel has experience in communications, as a videographer, policy analyst, filmmaker and Indigenous youth worker. Maryel brings a diverse and well-rounded eye to her work at ICA. Maryel has worked for Indigenous and government organizations such as BC's Ministry of Advanced Education, UBC's First Nations House of Learning, Aboriginal eMentoring BC, and the Urban Native Youth Association. Maryel holds an Arts degree from the Univers

ICA at the 23rd UNFCCC talks in Bonn, Germany

(A view of the Bula Zone aka where all the governments are negotiating articles) So, I have a bunch of updates for you. In the last few days the Indigenous Peoples Caucus (IP Caucus), has been meeting on a daily basis to come to agreement on our lobbying strategy and language. As mentioned before the IP Caucus works on consensus and represents Indigenous Peoples globally. There is a long-standing protocol that the participants of the Caucus work together to achieve a joint statement/proposal, that we respect the process of the caucus and abide the joint decisions. It’s not to say, Indigenous Peoples don’t’ lobby their own governments or move on other issues at these events. However, in terms

ICA at the 23rd UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany

I wanted to go into more detail about what’s happening inside the negotiations aka UNFCCC. We talked in the previous blog post about what the Paris Agreement is. Now it’s time to talk about what is on the table for the governments to discuss. In short the Paris Agreement negotiations are about creating the “rulebook,” to implement the agreement globally. Some of the main areas are the following: Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s)- I mentioned this one earlier in a previous post. What is this? Climate plans from each nation state, member state, nation on what they are doing to combat climate change in their countries. “…implementation plans through which each national government defi

ICA is at the UNFCCC, COP 23 in Bonn, Germany

Hi, My name is Heather Milton-Lightening. I’m from Treaty Four and live in the beautiful Qu’Appelle valley. I’m a steering committee member with ICA. I just wanted to put together a short blog post on #COP23 for you. Since I will be attending the, “United Nations Framework on Climate Change Conference,” in Bonn, Germany from November 6-17th representing ICA on the “It Takes Roots Delegation of ITR.” This meeting is also called the “conference of the parties,” meaning governments not parties as in fun, also why everyone uses the hashtag #COP23 since this is the 23rd session. Yes, 22 international meetings on Climate Change have happened already. What’s going to happen in Bonn? 25000 people fr

ICA is an official FINALIST in the Aviva Community Fund Campaign!!!

We received notice this week that we are officially a finalist in the Aviva Community Fund Competition, Community Legacy Category! We want to thank each and everyone of you that took the time to vote and support our project, we will hear back on December 5th, if we are the winners! Becoming a finalist at this stage means we will have access to a $5000 grant and we are super honoured to have made it this far. So please cross your fingers and send some good thoughts to the judges ;) Sincerely, Eriel Deranger Executive Director

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