I Feel Betrayed - by the government and a system that has destroyed the spirit of my people

The struggle over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion has been heating up over the past month and has reached new levels of intensity in recent weeks. Politicians are launching threats at each other while land defenders and water protectors in Coast Salish territory are now facing possible criminal charges for protecting the land, waterways and ecosystems. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley are offering to “buy the pipeline outright” and “pledged federal financial backing”. Now the province of BC is threatening to sue Alberta if they make good on a promise to restrict fuel exports. The latest element to be added to the current political pile is t

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Indigenous peoples take bold action on pipelines, tar sands, and demand real

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Indigenous peoples take bold action on pipelines, tar sands, and demand real action on the climate crisis. April 10, 2018, Edmonton, AB - Kinder Morgan recently announced halting 'non-essential' work on the Trans Mountain pipeline prompting Premier Notley's response that Alberta is prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ including buying shares in the pipeline. Prime Minister Trudeau has now taken a bold position vowing the “Trans Mountain pipeline extension will be built.” All of this is precipitated by mounting legal challenges and weeks of concerted pressure and opposition led by Indigenous communities and supported by non-Indigenous peoples in Coast Salish territory (Bur

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