Thriving Women and Girls: Socio-Cultural Empowerment Strategies

A special Parallel Event of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples at the 2019 UN Commission on the Status of Women. This dialogue features all Indigenous women presenters. This will focus on an array of socio-cultural empowerment strategies that Indigenous women and girls are engaged in creating and implementing for their holistic health, well-being, identity, empowerment, and self-determination from a diversity of Indigenous communities and nations. Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 2:30pm 8th Floor of the UN Church Center Building New York City, New York. This dialogue features all Indigenous women presenters as follows: Deborah Sanchez, Naomi Lanoi, Evie Reyes Aguirre, Chelsea Miraf


A young woman who was protesting PM Trudeau’s policies was assaulted by a Liberal supporter, the Prime Minister’s Team removed her and did nothing about the attacker. PHOTO: Here VIDEO: Here Toronto, ON: My name is Vanessa Gray and I am a community organizer from Aamjiwnaang First Nation. I attended Justin Trudeau’s Climate Rally on Monday March 4th at the Danforth Music Hall. I went to ensure that the voices of Indigenous people were present and to draw attention to the ongoing colonial and environmental violence that Indigenous people experience in Canada. Before arriving at the event, I hid a Canadian flag in my shirt that said, “No Justice on Stolen Native Land,” on it to remind those p

Apply to the Indigenous Feminist Organizing School!!! (Deadline: Midnight March 6, 2019)

There is no word for “feminist” in our Indigenous languages, and often the word seems to trigger our spirit of resistance and defiance. But there are values and practices that honour the role of women and gender variant people in our cultures. The school aims to explore the unique perspectives and potential roles of “Indigenous Feminism”. The Feminist Organizing School (FOS), led by the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), is a unique opportunity for allied social justice forces to work together to demystify the concept of feminisms and explore their existing organizing work through a gender lens; a critical and under-articulated dimension. The FOS carves out a space for us to explore t

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