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Growing Our Community


Climate change is a major issue for Indigenous Communities, as it has wide-ranging impacts on our territories, rights and way of life. However, the particular context of Indigenous Rights and impacts – in terms of governance, economy, infrastructure, activities related to the territory, etc. – means that most solutions developed for non-Indigenous communities don't always address deeper understanding and connection to. In fact, many Indigenous communities are already engaged in important climate change mitigation strategies rooted in Indigenous knowledge and customary practices right now without even knowing it. 

The ICA Indigenous Worldview Climate Change toolkit will explore how Indigenous knowledge plays and important roles in providing critical solutions for climate change and the strength of Indigenous rights in ushering in a new ear of sustainability. In the end this toolkit will be a resources created for an by indigenous communities to strengthen our connection and understanding of the critical role we play in addressing the climate crisis.

Indigenous Worldview Climate Change Toolkit

ICA plans to engage with communities to strengthen our overall vision for Indigenous leadership on climate change by:


1) hosting gatherings - to enable peer to peer connections and sharing best practices;


2) building tools and resources - to support and train Indigenous communities on Indigenous Climate Action strategies, including alternative climate solutions driven and directed by Indigenous worldview, rights frameworks;


3) profiling and connecting communities already acting to uphold Indigenous rights and address the climate crisis;


4) amplifying and generating a discourse on Indigenous Rights and Climate Change through webinars, blogs, and social media engagement

If your community is interested in participating and engaging in this project please contact us today!