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Indigenous Climate Action presents Indigenous Environment & Climate Education Symposium

Climate change is a critical issue that adversely impacts Indigenous Peoples and our rights because our direct connection and dependence on natural resources and their ecosystems for survival. Indigenous Peoples will require additional resources to cope with climate change. It is vital that Indigenous Peoples in Canada have a voice in plans to combat climate change to ensure our rights are protected and supported! The goal of the education symposium is to bring together First Nation leadership, Elders, youth and knowledge holders to share knowledge on climate change, government priorities and discuss the impacts of climate change in the various Treaty Regions. Co-Hosted by the Assembly of First Nations – Alberta Region, Indigenous Climate Action, North Peace Tribal Council and the Athabasca Tribal Council. To Register or for more information please contact: Lowa Beebe Assembly of First Nations Public Relations Liaison Lowa.Beebe@shaw.ca 403-852-8181

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