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Understanding the Paris Agreement through Indigenous perspectives- Webinar

On Thursday July 6th at 7pm CST the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) is hosting a webinar that will provide information on what outcomes the Paris Agreement has on Indigenous peoples and communities. Representing Indigenous Climate Action, Eriel Deranger, will be speaking on her insight to the agreement and the contrasting actions Canadian administration has taken following their signing of the agreement. Everyone is invited to join and learn how as a collective Indigenous voices are responding to these agreements.

This webinar provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested to learn about the Paris agreement and to hear from the panel of well rounded and notable experts on the overall impacts this agreement has for Indigenous climate voices in Canada and the United States.

A informative background summary on the Paris Agreement will be provided by Tom BK Goldtooth, Executive Director of IEN, to give the audience context on the topics that will be discussed. With the current climate crises that are happening locally, nationally, and internationally it is evident the Indigenous voices must be returned to the land. Continuous work is being done by Indigenous peoples, communities, and networks globally and tomorrow's webinar provides an update on how this work is becoming a collective effort with a larger impact.

The panelist include Dr Dan Wildcat, Faith Gemmill, Eriel Deranger, and Alberto Saldamando. These individuals will cover a range of topics including some of the following:

  • Cautions and shortfalls of the Paris agreement

  • False solutions to mitigating climate change

  • Some Tribal governments steps to adapting the Paris Agreement

  • Work that is being done by REDOIL in resistance to further climate impacts

  • Indigenous Climate Action

  • The Alberta Tar sands and their continuous expansion

  • How endorsees of the Paris Agreement can make it stronger

  • Climate change and it’s impacts on human rights

  • COP meeting challenges

  • Issues and cautions with carbon offset markets

We hope you are all able to join in on this critical discussion.

You can Register for the Webinar @ bit.ly/ClimateVoices

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