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ICA WINS Lush Spring Prize Award

On May 24th, Indigenous Climate Action was awarded the International Lush Spring Prize under the Young Projects Category in Forrest Row, UK. The Lush Spring Prize was a competitive award with hundreds of applicants and came with a £25,000 cash prize to help further the work of the winning projects. We are so happy and honoured to have been awarded such a prestigious award!

Heather Milton-Lightening and myself travelled to the UK to attend the award ceremony, present a workshop on the work of Indigenous Climate Action and meet all of the other winners. To be honest, it was one of the fastest trips I've taken overseas and both Heather and I were soooo tired! But it was worth it to stand with such amazing people.

The award ceremony and events took place at Emerson College in the sleeping town of Forrest Row about an hour outside of London, England. Emerson is an alternative education centre that offer many interesting and holistic courses.

While at the college we had the opportunity to meet many of the other winners and felt so honoured to be among such amazing people and wonderful and life changing projects.

ICA plans to utilize the money to bring the vision of our National Steering Committee to life - the development of an Indigenous Worldview Climate Change Toolkit, a resource made for and by Indigenous peoples to better understand what climate change means not just to the land and air, but to our rights, our culture and our people. The toolkit will focus on solutions that our people are already engaged in - land protection and preservation, interventions in high intensity GHG projects, community based monitoring, guardian programs and the implementation of energy efficiency and alternative energy projects - to highlight the amazing work our communities are doing and share with other Indigenous communities to inspire action on climate!

This award and prize will help move ICA into a new era of work that will help to transform education and resources on climate change for Indigenous communities. We thank everyone at Lush for continuing to support the ambitious work of ICA!

Masi Cho, Meegwetch, Kinana'skomitin!


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