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Conference of Youth (COY13) in Bonn, Germany 2017

Indigenous Climate Action encourages the youth, ages 15-35, who follow our network to apply for an upcoming 13th Conference of Youth (COY) hosted in Bonn Germany from November 2-4, 2017. It is integral to have Indigenous youth participate in gatherings like COY to ensure there is representation of Indigenous people's at every organisational level of our fight for climate justice, mitigation, prevention, and activism.

COY13 will provide a informative and interactive experience for youth from across the globe and leads up to the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This gathering aims to build capacity between youth leaders around the world, prepare for youth involvement in negotiating and participation at COP 23, and create adaptive solutions to face climate change issues. The themes of COY13 are as follows: Perspectives of small island developing states, climate justice, activism, and policy and advocacy. This event will see a broad range of people in attendance but has a general target of participants: YOUNGO members, climate activists, and prospective members of climate movements.

"YOUNGO is the UNFCCC observer constituency of youth non-governmental organizations. It has received the provisional status as an observer constituency at COP15 in 2009 and could henceforth actively represent youth in meetings with officials or in climate negotiations."

We encourage all youth interested in this opportunity to apply. Indigenous peoples experiences, voices, and knowledge provides critical insight to climate change issues and can lead to meaningful solutions that work for all communities.

For more information on COY 13 and how to register click here!

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