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Help us win $150,000!

Between October 10th to 19th, the Aviva Community Fund is offering us the opportunity to win $150,000 for our project: Indigenous Led Climate Justice - A toolkit for action. This project focuses on building our foundation as an organization to reach out to Indigenous communities across Canada and build power for Indigenous-led solutions to climate change.

Over the next nine days, we will be sharing updates on our social media accounts, encouraging people to vote each day.

It would mean so much if you could vote, share our updates and encourage other people in your network to vote as well!

Indigenous peoples only represent approximately 5% of the global population, yet Indigenous lands and territory represent 80% of the world’s biodiversity - signifying that Indigenous rights and knowledge are critical for developing climate stable pathways. Yet, here in Canada, climate change solutions have not been inclusive of Indigenous values, knowledge and voices. We believe that in order to effectively address climate change, it is clear that Indigenous Peoples must have full participation and power in the decision-making process to develop climate policies and mitigation strategies. We intend to support existing and new Indigenous Climate leaders through the development and implementation of a climate change toolkit that recognizes the unique rights of Indigenous peoples, that emphasizes that Indigenous peoples are not only being impacted by climate change and current energy development projects but that we are critical to bring about the necessary changes. The ICA toolkit will focus on collecting existing wisdom from community champions, curate resources and best practices, include educational resources and curriculum about climate change and climate solutions, and generate unique content to ensure respect and implementation of Indigenous rights - all in a language that is accessible at a grassroots level.

To read more and vote for our project in the Aviva Community Fund - CLICK HERE!

The voting process runs from October 10th until October 19th. With your supporter, we know we can win this!

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