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Announcing Melina Laboucan-Massimo as ICA’s Campaigns Director

Indigenous Climate Action is pleased to formally announce Melina Laboucan-Massimo as the Campaigns Director. Melina is a Co-Founder of Indigenous Climate Action and sat on the Executive Steering Committee to support the growth of the organization from its inception.

Melina is also the Founder of Sacred Earth Solar, an organization that focuses on implementing renewable energy projects in Indigenous and frontline communities.

Currently, Melina is the host of the groundbreaking TV series, Power to the People. The documentary series profiles Indigenous communities modeling innovations in sustainable development, from food security, to eco-housing, to cultural revitalization. It demonstrates how these communities are leading the transition to our renewable energy future by centering the power of Indigenous culture. The pairing of Indigenous sovereignty with investment in new, green, infrastructure is a vital combination in guiding solutions for climate justice. There's new episodes every week on APTN, which are available online the day after they air.

Melina has been on the Indigenous Climate Action staff since September 2019, however, she has been on leave for a wellness sabbatical due to severe ill health. We recognize this is a result of the unique challenges and circumstances of being an Indigenous person doing climate justice work, as well as the ongoing trauma that Indigenous people encounter when doing this work. The concept of Healing Justice has been central to our understanding of how to support Melina as she navigates the path to wellness. She remains on leave and is slowly returning to work as her health allows.

To help continue her work, Melina’s Executive Assistant Diane Connors has been supporting ICA programming and campaigns. This has included the Reject Teck campaign, solidarity work with Nations standing against fossil fuel encroachment on Indigenous territory, and supporting ICA staff with communications, youth capacity building, and organizational development. In the coming months, Diane and Melina will be working on building out ICA’s Energy Sovereignty programming. This includes the completion of ICA’s Indigenous Worldview Climate Change toolkit, solar installation projects across the country, and supporting dialogue and engagement on visioning a just transition for Indigenous people in tandem with intersectional movement building.

We are full of good energy and looking forward to building and strengthening this work for the benefit of our communities and the health of the earth. Keep up with ICA’s social media, blogs, and newsletter to hear more about the progress of these projects! Mussi Cho!