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COP25 Actions: First Nations Youth & Elders Demand Canada Reject Teck Frontier Tar Sands Mine

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 First Nations Youth & Elders Demand Canada Reject Teck Frontier Tar Sands Mine at COP25 

Madrid, Spain - Heading into the second week of the United Nations climate negotiations (COP25), Indigenous Youth and Elders are hosting two demonstrations to put Canada on watch for their continued support for the Alberta tar sands and its associated pipeline infrastructure. Representatives from communities impacted by the Tar Sands, TMX pipeline, and KXL pipeline will speak to the Indigenous rights and environmental implications of the proposed Teck Frontier Mine, the largest tar sands surface mine proposed to date at two events on Monday, December 9th.


The demonstrations are the latest stage of a campaign to stop the proposed Teck Frontier mine.  If constructed, the Frontier mine would contribute 6 megatons of CO2e per year from production alone, directly compromising Canada’s ability to uphold the Paris Agreement. 

A report released last week by 17 research and campaigning organizations used oil and gas industry projections to show that Canada will be one of the worst violators of the Paris Agreement if it expands its oil and gas extraction as planned, second only to the United States. Rejecting the Teck Frontier Mine is an important first step the federal government can take to ensure a safe climate future.


The federal government of Canada will make a decision on whether or not to approve or reject Teck Frontier on February, 20, 2020. 


Eriel Deranger, Executive Director, Indigenous Climate Action (ICA)

Elder Francois Paulette, Representative of the Dene Nation

Ta’kaiya Blaney, ICA Indigneous Youth Delegation, Member of Tla A'min Nation

Kalilah Rampanen, ICA Indigenous Youth Delegation, Nuučaan̓uł Nation

Portia Morin, ICA Indigenous Youth Delegation, Dene Tha Nation

Nigel Henri Robinson, ICA Youth Delegation Lead, Cold Lake Dene Nation

Casey Camp, Elected Tribal Government Rep. Ponca Nation (USA)


Traditional First Nations drumming and singing, youth led acoustic guitar and song performance, colourful banners, images, signs, slogans and presentations from the perspective of Indigenous community members. 


11:00 AM CET, Monday, December 9, 2019

Canadian Embassy - Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana

4:00 PM CET, Monday, December 9, 2019

IFEMA - Outdoor Space beside Hall 6

- 30 - 

Event will be livestreamed from Indigenous Climate Action Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/indigenousclimateaction/

For interviews, 4k/6k B-Roll and Hi-Resolution Pictures, Contact:

Clayton Thomas-Muller

Local Madrid Cell: 605 153947

Email: monsterredlight@gmail.com

Sheila Muxlow

Cell: (WhatsApp) ++1 587 357 9111

Email: sheila@Indigenousclimateaction.com

Indigenous Climate Action is the only Indigenous-led climate justice organization in Canada. For more information regarding our delegation at COP25 in Madrid, Spain please visit www.indigenousclimateaction.com/COP25