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Eriel Deranger joins celebrities @FireDrillFriday making ties to Canada's Carbon Bomb

Since September 20, 2019, actor and activist Jane Fonda has been leading Fire Drill Friday, a weekly demonstrations at 11am ET on the southeast lawn of the US Capitol to demand that political leaders take action to address the climate emergency. She has been hosting a weekly digital teach-in with a panel of experts and people on the frontlines every Thursday at 7pm ET.  

This January 9 & 10, 2020 ICA’s Executive Director, Eriel Deranger will join Jane Fonda and others in the last live webcast teach in and Fire Drill Friday demonstration in Washington DC.

As the climate emergency gets worse, ICA’s executive director will be emphasizing the need for the climate justice movement to focus on the root causes of the climate crisis, helping to call attention to the proposed expansion of the Teck Frontier Tar Sands Mine, threating to set off Canada’s carbon bomb and tipping global emissions. 

Tune in for the live webcast @FireDrillFridays facebook page.

Visit FireDrillFridays.com to learn more and get involved!

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