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Indigenous Youth call to Fix Article 6: Indigenous rights are essential

Updated: Dec 6, 2019


December 4, 2019



Between Hall 2 and 4, Action Area 1

Blue Zone, COP25 

Madrid, Spain


Indigneous Youth participating at the COP25 in Madrid, Spain present concerns of Article 6 with Singers, Prayers, & Speakers

World governments are negotiating the technical advice for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and Rulebook to guide future climate solutions. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement relates to the creation of both market and non-market mechanisms to support countries in decarbonizing their economies. It is set to be a critical component to adopting internationally recognized standards to reduce emissions. The outcomes of the negotiation must uphold and extend existing human and Indigenous rights protections as we advocate for more ambitious recognition in all climate mitigation strategies. 

While States negotiate the language of Article 6 at the COP25, we have seen the potential inclusion of Human rights in 6.2, however the document still lacks the distinct inclusion of rights of Indigenous Peoples.

It’s important to note further that the UN Declaration of Human Rights (UN Declaration) protects Individual rights, not collective rights, which are crucial to the customary governance and traditional life-ways of Indigneous Peoples. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigneous Peoples defines the minimum standards for the protection of our unique collective rights, which include rights to self-determination. 

Having minimum Indigenous rights safeguards included in article 6 is essential—not just for the defense of Indigneous peoples, but for the protection of ecosystems that sustain life. 

It is not ambitious to think seven generations ahead, it is the minimum. 

It is not ambitious to respect the rights enumerated by UN Declaration, it is the minimum. 

It is not ambitious to strengthen NDCs, it is the minimum. 


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