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Indigenous Climate Change Toolkit

Building a movement of active and strong Indigenous communities working towards climate solutions.

What is the Toolkit?

Indigenous Peoples are on the front-lines of both climate impacts and efforts to protect the earth, however, our knowledge is missing from the policies and strategies being created to address the climate crisis.


Not only is climate change a complex issue - it is often described in scientific terms and western worldviews, which are difficult to relate to our lived experiences as Indigenous peoples.

Our two main targets are:


  • Increase community understanding about climate change (both scientific knowledge and Indigenous knowledge); and


  • Create a collective Indigenous position on climate change.

The ICA Toolkit will be created by and for Indigenous communities, to support our own climate knowledge and leadership. The actual design will depend on community input and direction. Our aim is to develop a Toolkit that works across our different cultures and territories; that each community can use to build on their own knowledge and strengths; and that provides useful information that can help to protect territory and ways of life from the changes taking place.

The Toolkit will be:


  • A teaching tool to share basic climate change information and resources;

  • A resource to help communities understand climate change locally and culturally;

  • A plan for ongoing community gatherings; and

  • A sharing tool to contribute to ICA’s understanding of what climate change means to all Indigenous Peoples.

Toolkit Vision

Climate Workshops



The Toolkit Coordinator will be holding workshops in communities throughout the country from January to June 2018, as the first stage in this project. The purpose of the Climate Workshops is to:


  • Share basic climate change information (both scientific and Indigenous understandings);

  • Ask community members what they need in their community/region in order to raise awareness about climate change and be able to respond to it; and

  • Seek input from communities about what our toolkit would need to work best for them (what format, what type of content, etc.).


ICA is looking for Indigenous communities that might be interested in participating in a gathering, and also community members who might be interested in acting as local organizers.


If you are Interested in hosting a gathering please contact ICA: