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Protect Indigenous Lands!

Tech Frontier Mine is the largest open-pit tar sands mine ever proposed and, if built, would guarantee that Canada will not meet its climate commitments, and continue to fail to uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Proposed on the territories of Treaty No. 8, this project is in close proximity to many Cree and Dene community members and only 30 km from the boundary of UNESCO World Heritage site — Wood Buffalo National Park— an area valued and protected for its cultural and biodiversity. 

If approved, the Tech Frontier Mine would destroy one of the last existing, free-roaming, disease-free herds of wood bison and disrupt the migration route for the only wild population of endangered whooping crane. This project threatens our Indigenous rights, ways of life, and ability to ensure the preservation of our lands and territories.


Our territories are often used as sacrificial zones in the name of profit. We cannot continue to let this happen! Add your voice in the call to Reject the Teck Frontier Mine!  

Violet Poitras, Elder of the Paul First Nation

"We all need to come together and try to find a way to stop this killing of mother earth"

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